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Artist Statement
I have dabbled in almost every art medium and have sat in more classrooms than I care to remember. After my first beading class I couldn’t stop beading. The sparkling array of magnificent colorful beads were better than a candy store. I have never seen a bead I didn’t covet and I admit to having an extensive collection. 

As a self taught beader ( with the help of books) I am now an award winning master beader. I love to share my beading techniques and was elated when other beaders wanted to learn from me.

I once read that Johannes Itten,(1888-1967), a color theorist who taught at the Bauhause, said he never corrected a students work for fear of influencing his students creativity and that every artist has his or her own internal seasonal color pallet. I agree. These two concepts have formed the foundation of my own work and my teaching philosophy . My own color pallet of vibrant jewel tones can be seen in each of my one of a one of a kind designs.